Music is the third tool RMSS uses to assist members in progressing toward healing and as a means of encouragement. Members do not need to have experience with music and may choose to focus more on writing or art. As with writing and visual art, RMSS encourages members to try out music in the safe environment of the RMSS studio/support groups.

Music is a language of the heart. We were created to be instruments of song and worship (see Ephesians 5:19). There is something very special about music that transcends all cultures and time. Music is said to be the universal language of mankind. Historians document music as early as 3000 BC Mesopotamia where they found evidence of a sophisticated musical harp. Music often triumphs where words fail. Playing and singing music is recorded throughout the Old and New Testaments. The longest book of the bible is Psalms – a song book.

Listening to or playing music may transcend a person’s mind to a God honoring state and God responds. A great example of the power of music is in Acts 16 where Paul and Silas were in jail under religious persecution. They begin praying and singing hymns to God when a violent earthquake shook the prison and all the prison doors flew open, and everyone’s chains came loose.   

According to modern music therapists, music can:

1. Promote wellness

2. Manage stress

3. Alleviate pain

4. Assist in expressing feelings

5. Enhance memory

6. Improve communication

7. Promote physical rehabilitation

In RMSS studio/support groups, music is used as a form of worship and means to connect to the presence of God. We often incorporate music with writing and visual art. For example, writing lyrics for music or listening to music while journaling. Percussion instruments are available for members to play. Members may bring their own instruments to be used at appropriate times during studio/support groups. Members enjoy experimenting with melodies, rhythms, sounds and lyrics in a fun and supportive environment.

RMSS invites new members to tryout music as a means of processing heart emotions. To enroll in a studio/support group, please contact us at 720-316-7491 or Enrollment forms are under the “Get Involved” tab.