RMSS does not charge members to attend a studio/support groups. Nor does RMSS charge members to be matched to an online mentor volunteer.

RMSS relies on donations for studio space, studio supplies, office supplies, mileage, refreshments for studio/support groups, office operations as well as marketing and outreach. RMSS Members are responsible for their own studio materials; however we strive not charge members by reaching out to donors to meet studio space/supply needs.

We are presently needing donations for the following:

  1. Art supplies
  2. Writing journals
  3. Studio space starting in October
  4. Percussion instruments
  5. Sheet music

If you would like to make a donation of the above items or make a cash donation, please contact us at info@rmsurvivorsstudio.org or 720-316-7491. You may also send a check directly to RMSS at P.O. Box 1161, Evergreen, CO 80437.

Our goal by the first of 2020 is to have the ability to accept credit/debit card donations.

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement!