RMSS is a Christian peer support group for friends and family of homicide victims founded by Cynthia and Curt Thye. This organization emerged in a vision Cynthia had near the second anniversary of the mass murder of Cynthia’s sister; brother-in-law and niece.

After much prayer, research, interviews, counseling, deliverance, healing prayer and spiritual travels; again and again confirmation was giving to Cynthia and Curt that they had a call on their lives to support believers and non-believers alike affected by the murder of a close family member or friend. They were to encourage and equip survivors to positively move forward to rebuild their lives in alignment with God’s call and purpose while working to be instrumental in ending murders in our communities.

The organization vision includes a three-prong approach to support homicide survivors through led by the Spirit writing, visual arts and music as well as an online mentoring program to combat isolation of survivors.