RMSS is a Christian peer support organization for survivors of violent crimes and individuals that support them.

RMSS was not formed to replace other survivor support or faith based organizations. Rather, RMSS encourages members to have a strong support system and keep relationships with other people and organizations. We are just one more resource available to support survivors and individuals that support survivors in their journey to wholeness.

RMSS is a Christ-centered organization. We study God’s biblical promises of healing and freedom to take you from dark to light during a difficult time (see 1 Peter 2:9). We proclaim healing is for today. The timing in now! The same way that Jesus healed in the Bible, He still heals today. Hebrews 13:8: “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” More importantly we support members in discovering and living out God’s unique and joyful plan for their individual lives.

Please accept our invitation to get involved in a studio/support group and an Online Mentoring program to help you start moving forward in God’s unique plan of prosperity for you.

Studio/Support Groups: Our support studio is located in the Denver metropolitan area with the backdrop of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. At studio/support groups we incorporate a threefold agenda: about one-third of the time is for fellowship, group support, and sharing; one third of the agenda is devoted to instruction in a led by the Spirit writing, visual art, music or combination, and one third of the agenda is for working on a studio assignment or project. For more information on times and locations or to enroll in a studio/support group, please contact us at info@rmsurvivorsstudio.org or 720-316-7491.

HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response (HOPE AACR) : RMSS has partnered with HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response. HOPE AACR gives comfort to RMSS members during studio support meetings by bringing emotional support with their specially-trained dog and handler teams. For more information on HOPE AACR visit http://www.hopeaacr.org.

Online Mentoring Program: RMSS will match members with an online mentor to support members through their healing process. The goal is to combat isolation and provide a source of encouragement between studio support meetings. Mentoring primarily takes place via phone, e-mail, text or video conferencing. If you are interested in being matched with a mentor or becoming a mentor, please contact us at 720-316-7491 or at info@rmsurvivorsstudio.org.